We have experience in fabrication and machining in an impressive array of metals; including high temperature and chemical resistant stainless, high nickel alloys, high strength steels, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass and other exotics.

Horizontal Boring Mill, Machining a Big Aluminum Disk

This part is an aluminum disk, 84" diameter, 2-1/2" thick. There are 7 large diameter holes and counterbores, all circular interpolated. There are 50 holes drilled and tapped, 6 special pockets, and the outside diameter finished.

The machine on which this part is produced is programmable to 1 micron with positional accuracy by glass scales.

Machined Aluminum Plate

This interesting part was machined complete on the Tos Hulin "Live Tool" Vertical Lathe.

This is a dial plate for an indexing application mounted to a Camco gear box.

The part is 1" thick aluminum, 57" in diameter with 150 , .515" wide radial slots and 600, .375" diameter holes.

The flexibility of the "Live Tool" VTL is emphasized by the ease with which this part was machined. Turned and faced and then milled and drilled, all one machine, all one setup, all in one program.

Pump Housings

Most of these pump housings are machined from exotic metal castings, stainless steels to titanium. They have a sophisticated shape and are finished to precision tolerances.

We machine these units on our Tos Hulin "Live Tool" VTL where we produce the front and back turning and the drilled and tapped hole patterns.

We then machine the top flange and mounting feet on our Cincinnati Milacron CNC horizontal machining center.

We produce these housings as a regular production part.

Machined "A" Plate

These are typical examples of parts that were fabricated and machined to become finished parts.

After the plates and other pieces were plasma cut and the bars saw cut, the basic parts were formed and welded. They were then stress relieved.

A program was developed to finish the parts on the Cincinnati Milacron horizontal machining center.

CMF has many customers that require fabricated and then machined parts and CMF has the capabilities to meet these demands.

Machining QC Test Fixture for the Military

Working closely with our client, our team created this QC text fixture for use in military applications. The machine frame held plus/minus .005 tolerance.


BAE Fixture

Designed, engineered and fabricated at Commercial Metal Fabricators, this is a QC fixture for checking welding on truck frames for the military.




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